Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Build Interactive Objects (Notecard Giver) as a Trainer in Second Life

Interactive objects are usually built individually with varying functions, and are not actually purchased or picked up as a free object.

What do interactive objects do?
E.g. a simple one, a Notecard Giver: The 3D object gives something to an avatar, when an avatar touches the 3D object. But there are also more complex ones with more functions.

Where do you use them?
E.g. in order to create educational support tools for contingent settings, like classes etc..

What are the prerequisite ingredients or elements?
Element: (3D object build) + (note, text, color, texture, URL, sound, motion scheme)



How do these elements become interactive?
Script: (task type) + (triggering event)

What is the building process?
Build a dynamic object by combining 3D objects (cube) and elements (notecard) with script interactions (task type, triggering event)...

Notecard Giver
a. Create a 3D object, like a cube.
b. Create an element, like a notecard.
c. Create a script, for transferring the notecard, when an avatar touches the cube (with compilation process).
d. Then merge the mentioned entities together.

3GreenEggs: This scripting support site for Newbies will help you create interactive scripts for your Second Life objects. These scripts allow you to add interactive elements to your builds without knowing how to code. All of the scripts are released under a Creative Commons license, which means that you can use them freely!



Scratch and Puppeteer are similar scripting support tools.

Introducing Scratch for Second Life (S4SL), a new easier way to create behaviors for your creations. Just snap together blocks- no Linden Script needed. Download it (free) here: http://web.mit.edu/~eric_r/Public/S4SL/

S4SL is based on Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu/).

More about Puppeteer

List of Favorite Interactive Objects for Educators and Trainers

Notecard Giver
URL Giver

Write a blog about your stuff and get it in the list...

a. Blog Template
- Interactive object name
- Version
- Goal
- Summary
- Actors
- Preconditions
- Triggers
- Basic course of events
- Alternative paths
- Post-conditions
- Contingent rules
- Notes
- Graphics
- Videos
- Blog link
- Author and date

b. Second Life Tool List

Please Rank Your Top 10 Free Tools! http://tinyurl.com/second-life-tool-ranking-b

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