Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EduNation II Happy Hour For Newbies

Newbie Social Interaction / Getting Immersive

Our Goal: To provide for cultural activity for those latent (out-world) and lurking (in-world) Second Life Newbies who want to get the enabling, follow-up, and backup service level and support they actually require for a yielding and excellent-quality first Newbie experience.

Don't get marooned. Feel free to join us in-world every Sunday. Food and drinks are free at the EduNation II Clubhouse!

Experience collaborative and 3D virtual sharing and community! Get your free gift box with useful avatar utilities, and shorten your learning curve. It's your action plan for virtual productivity!

Newbie Problem / Incident Management
Second Life Support
Second Life Grid & Disaster Status

Teleport via http://slurl.com/secondlife/EduNation%20II/154/103/21

(every Sunday, the following links refer to worldwide times at various cities)

Americas Sundays 20:00 GMT
Europe Sundays 14:00 GMT
Pacific Rim Sundays 08:00 GMT

Click on the icon to add these schedules to your Google Calendar!

Java World Clock (actual time worldwide)

World Sunlight Map

Experienced Hosts From Each Region Are Invited To Join!

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Twitter name: newbiehelpdesk
Twitterfall hashtag: #newbiehelpdesk
Flickr photo tag: newbiehelpdesk
Out-World Newbie Help Desk (Facebook, free)
In-World Newbie Help Desk
(L$100, get your first L$250 here in advance)
e-Mail: newbie.helpdesk@googlemail.com

Organized by Your Virtual Help Desk in Second Life! We are multi-lingual!

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