Friday, October 3, 2008

From Google Sketchup Pro 8 To Second Life

Update 2010-08-20

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Mesh support would allow architects to import 3D models of houses from their professional architectural design programs, would allow manufacturers to import parts from their CAD-CAM systems, allow companies to hire professional designers to produce realistic environments, and let end users import 3D objects from outside sources — such as Google’s 3D Warehouse.
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(wenCAD LITE 2010 browser-based for only € 298.00, AutoCAD 2010 compatible)
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Update 2009-12-12:
Henshin V - From Autocad to Second Life (now to Opensim too)
Exporting Objects from SL and Importing These Objects to OpenSim using Meerkat Viewer

1. Google Sketchup Pro 8 (updated 2010-09-06) (Pro 6 for Euro331.00, Pro 7 for Euro381.00, Pro 8 for Euro495.00) has new AutoCAD capability: Import and export of DXF, DWG formats.

2. Thus, it is possible to transcribe DXF data into Second Life via Henshin IV (for Linden$1249.00).

From this point, you need to know how Henshin transcribes the DXF file table into SL. Henshin is not a conversion program, it only transcribes the AutoCAD "DXF Table" into the Second Life "Prim Table" from within Second Life. Thus, manual mousework is reduced for design tasks within SL.

The Henshin people have actually performed this. They come from the architecture community. Here is how it looks like:

Henshin II - From Autocad to SL

Henshin III - Autocad to SL reloaded (english)

Henshin IV Demo

Here are more tutorials:

The SL Prim Table yet sets limitations to the AutoCAD DXF Table during the design phase, retrospectively. I haven't sorted this out yet. Anyway, this makes Machinima and Building within Second Life a bit easier now.

Do you know some more tips and tweeks in the area of Sketchup and AutoCAD?

- Preliminary AutoCAD PDF/DWG Preparation for the Language Translation of AutoCAD DWF Files

- Print 3D objects from Google SketchUp

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