Sunday, June 29, 2008


This is e-i-consulting's blog that handles issues and themes surrounding Convergence into Second Life. Please visit The vConsulting Tower in Second Life, and also check the blog archive and links to the right:

Your Global Project Planning Venue

What Is Second Life Good For?

Video: How Companies use Second Life to Improve Both Internal and External Communications

Video: Brand name building in Second Life

IBM Forecast for the Virtual Workplace

Furthermore, take a look at the in Internet

Games have roles, rules, and outcomes.
In Second Life, you create the roles, rules, and outcomes.
SL is a 3D (3 dimensional) chat with massive social networking.

What is Second Life good for?

How organizations use the platform

How is e-i-consulting accommodating the issue?

I have installed several multi-lingual "PickYouUpGuy LastName" avatars at various entrance points of Second Life in order to assist and guide you through the learning curve with ease. Feel free to arrange an appointment, this is a free service for collaborating "First Life" contractors...

Check out the possibilities at Orientation Island, which offers you 4 basic tutorials for avatars:

1. How to move and fly as avatar 2. How to communicate with other avatars3. How to search within Second Life
4. How to change your appearance as avatar
Upon completing this, just teleport to Help Island 2, where avatar PickYouUpGuy Footman is waiting for you in order to guide you through 5 further themes:

1. Help Island Freebie Store for acquiring free stuff

2. Tutorial areas for learning modules

3. Demo Area for viewing various demonstrations

4. Gallery for visiting new exhibitions

5. Help Island Sandbox for seeing how others build objects

This learning phase will enhance and deepen your knowledge, skills, and experiences within Second Life so that you can launch your virtual life within the In-world Main Domain, where you then will teleport to. A further in-world avatar will then pick you up. In "Real Life", I am behind the avatar guides mentioned.

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