Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Expat Training in Virtual Worlds

The group Expat Training was established in Second Life with the purpose to provide cross-cultural training for individuals, expatriates and their families in and by using virtual worlds.


If you are considering to move to a real foreign destination or major city, you can sign-up to virtual pre-arrival tours and expat meet-ups at these mentioned general locations. Upon demand, such tours are composed in a pre-disposed virtual area of your virtual counterpart.

From a home or office computer, you as expat and your families can download guides, meet at a personal guided tour, get an idea of the layout of the foreign city and the distances involved, and experience the courtesies and customs in the new location before you arrive.

You can also become acquainted with local networking groups and community meet-ups prior to your arrival.

Check our Virtual Help Desk for initial, enabling, and skill building processes as Newbie:


We are also working on a mixed reality service module, and this service also intends to put foot into other virtual domains. Check the Virtual World Navigation Outline for Educators:



Jakob-Reiner-Str. 36
D-88250 Weingarten
Mobile: +49-176-54016058
Fax+Voice-To-Email: +49-1212-510437727
Skype: eurominuteman

50MB Email: james.oreilly@web.de
MSN: joreilly@hotmail.de

Google Mail: eurominuteman@googlemail.com
Google Wave: eurominuteman@googlewave.com

Google Wave Team DE > EN-US

Second Life: Eurominuteman Jameson

EU-VAT-IdNo.: DE146346525


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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EduNation II Happy Hour For Newbies

Newbie Social Interaction / Getting Immersive

Our Goal: To provide for cultural activity for those latent (out-world) and lurking (in-world) Second Life Newbies who want to get the enabling, follow-up, and backup service level and support they actually require for a yielding and excellent-quality first Newbie experience.

Don't get marooned. Feel free to join us in-world every Sunday. Food and drinks are free at the EduNation II Clubhouse!

Experience collaborative and 3D virtual sharing and community! Get your free gift box with useful avatar utilities, and shorten your learning curve. It's your action plan for virtual productivity!

Newbie Problem / Incident Management
Second Life Support
Second Life Grid & Disaster Status

Teleport via http://slurl.com/secondlife/EduNation%20II/154/103/21

(every Sunday, the following links refer to worldwide times at various cities)

Americas Sundays 20:00 GMT
Europe Sundays 14:00 GMT
Pacific Rim Sundays 08:00 GMT

Click on the icon to add these schedules to your Google Calendar!

Java World Clock (actual time worldwide)

World Sunlight Map

Experienced Hosts From Each Region Are Invited To Join!

Tags & Stuff
Twitter name: newbiehelpdesk
Twitterfall hashtag: #newbiehelpdesk
Flickr photo tag: newbiehelpdesk
Out-World Newbie Help Desk (Facebook, free)
In-World Newbie Help Desk
(L$100, get your first L$250 here in advance)
e-Mail: newbie.helpdesk@googlemail.com

Organized by Your Virtual Help Desk in Second Life! We are multi-lingual!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Virtual Homeoffice Services

Our Virtual Homeoffice Solution for You

Let us match our configuration, please check the Mindmap Overview (requires Adobe Flash)

1. Real 2D

2. Virtual 3D

IBM Virtual World Guidelines

Virtual Learning & How to Give Newbies a Good First Experience

Virtual Office in Second Life (without sound)
A Slideshow with Sound

A sustainable way to save time and travel costs,
and to behave anti-CO2 friendly!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In-World 3D Mindmapping

Why re-invent the wheel over and over, this paves the way to creating 3D project and course planning templates.

Get some more of the scoop at:


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Invitation to Add Your Second Life Tool Ranking

Do you want to know what Second Life tools are the favorites of educators and trainers? Here you have the opportunity to add free Second Life tools to an on-going list and/or rank the existing ones listed. Then look at the results. A form for non-free ones is also provided.

As soon as the statistical sample size N of the entries make some sense, Part C will be implemented. Part A and B are still structuring in their beta form. Your initial data entry helps to improve this structure.

1. The free tool questionaire is split into 3 forms:
Part A - Adding A Free Tool http://tinyurl.com/second-life-tool-ranking-a
Part B - Ranking Your Top 10 Free Tools http://tinyurl.com/second-life-tool-ranking-b
Part C - Check the Results (assessment of sample size and time interval pending)

The data entry list of Part A (free) is updated every 5 minutes and can be viewed at here:

The data entry list of Part B (free) is updated every 5 minutes and can be viewed at here:

RSS Feed for Part A (free)

RSS Feed for Part B (free)

2. The non-free tool questionaire is also split into 3 forms:
Part A - Adding A Non-Free Tool http://tinyurl.com/second-life-tool-ranking-a1
Part B - Ranking Your Top 10 Non-Free Tools http://tinyurl.com/second-life-tool-ranking-b1
Part C - Check the Results (assessment of sample size and time interval pending)

The data entry list of Part A (non-free) is updated every 5 minutes and can be viewed at here:

The data entry list of Part B (non-free) is updated every 5 minutes and can be viewed at here:

RSS Feed for Part A (non-free)

RSS Feed for Part B (non-free)

3. Any suggestions or improvement tips can be added to this form:

Find more photos like this on Second Life Tool Ranking

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Build Interactive Objects (Notecard Giver) as a Trainer in Second Life

Interactive objects are usually built individually with varying functions, and are not actually purchased or picked up as a free object.

What do interactive objects do?
E.g. a simple one, a Notecard Giver: The 3D object gives something to an avatar, when an avatar touches the 3D object. But there are also more complex ones with more functions.

Where do you use them?
E.g. in order to create educational support tools for contingent settings, like classes etc..

What are the prerequisite ingredients or elements?
Element: (3D object build) + (note, text, color, texture, URL, sound, motion scheme)



How do these elements become interactive?
Script: (task type) + (triggering event)

What is the building process?
Build a dynamic object by combining 3D objects (cube) and elements (notecard) with script interactions (task type, triggering event)...

Notecard Giver
a. Create a 3D object, like a cube.
b. Create an element, like a notecard.
c. Create a script, for transferring the notecard, when an avatar touches the cube (with compilation process).
d. Then merge the mentioned entities together.

3GreenEggs: This scripting support site for Newbies will help you create interactive scripts for your Second Life objects. These scripts allow you to add interactive elements to your builds without knowing how to code. All of the scripts are released under a Creative Commons license, which means that you can use them freely!



Scratch and Puppeteer are similar scripting support tools.

Introducing Scratch for Second Life (S4SL), a new easier way to create behaviors for your creations. Just snap together blocks- no Linden Script needed. Download it (free) here: http://web.mit.edu/~eric_r/Public/S4SL/

S4SL is based on Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu/).

More about Puppeteer

List of Favorite Interactive Objects for Educators and Trainers

Notecard Giver
URL Giver

Write a blog about your stuff and get it in the list...

a. Blog Template
- Interactive object name
- Version
- Goal
- Summary
- Actors
- Preconditions
- Triggers
- Basic course of events
- Alternative paths
- Post-conditions
- Contingent rules
- Notes
- Graphics
- Videos
- Blog link
- Author and date

b. Second Life Tool List

Please Rank Your Top 10 Free Tools! http://tinyurl.com/second-life-tool-ranking-b

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